Neighbor for Neighbor

The Fourth Ten Years

2001 - NFN starts its Literacy Program by creating its own phonics workbooks and audio cassettes/CD's in English and Spanish.

Gloria Caldwell spends every Wednesday for two years providing a voice for the poor in the debate regarding deregulation of electric utilities which resulted in its defeat, helping to keep prices under control.

2002 - NFN starts a Book Fair to promote literacy and provide free books --- complete with pony rides and spontaneous music provided by the attendees.

2003 - NFN purchases the Northland Shopping Center in order to provide a new home for NFN, as well as a place for community services and new economic development in North Tulsa.

NFN started the Millennium House Project: a proto-type wind resistant, energy efficient, affordable house for the working poor.

2004 - NFN moved its programs to a newly renovated 40,000 sq. ft. space at Northland.

NFN Family Assistance enhances utility assistance for 100s more families each year---who otherwise would get their utilities cut off.

NFN sponsors a North Tulsa Youth Soccer League.

NFN sponsors a Neighborhood festival called "Neighborfest".

NFN started its Art Equity Program and opens the NFN Art Clinic.

Resurrection Church plans the first Dinner & Diagnosis Event in order to support the Dan Allen Free Clinic.

The old NFN facility on 46th Street North is burned down as a training exercise for firefighters of Tulsa.

2005 - NFN expands its free book project to the lobby where free books are provided to NFN clients so that they can create/enhance their home libraries.

2006 - NFN offers struggling families hope during the Christmas season with free gifts, family photos and tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet.

Saint Johns Medical Center builds an Imaging Center at Northland in order to provide free MRI, Cat Scans and X-rays for NFN as well as other Free Clinics.

NFN implements new and improved standards and procedures for each program in order to provide enhanced services.

After many years of planning, NFN computerizes and networks its Family Assistance Program.

NFN offers educational materials and walk-in medical assistance at the NFN Children's Health Fairs.

2007 - Oklahoma University announces plans to build a specialty clinic at Northland.

NFN partners with the Tulsa Library and BOK to deliver more books to NFN's clients.

NFN provides two Children's Health Fairs.

Family Assistance Program expands its financial counseling and job referral components.

Minor surgical room is added in Dan Allen Free Clinic.

2008 - NFN enlarges its Food Packing Room so that larger parcels can be divided for clients in the Food Store. This will help NFN stretch the dollar in order to further serve our brothers and sisters in need.

NFN partners with OU to share a Physician Assistant that works at NFN for 20 hours each week to increase the daytime medical clinics.

NFN launches its Life Skills Program by hiring a life skills area and emphasizing healthy living with cooking classes, goal setting interactive groups and life skills coaching.

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