Neighbor for Neighbor

The Third Ten Years

1988 - NFN's version of Parade of Homes fills a bus to show civic leaders and officials the conditions of North-side homes - and the difference between HUD funding used on the south sides of Tulsa compared to the funding used on the north sides of Tulsa (ORU apartments vs. low income housing).

1990 - NFN Legal Clinic opens in a used pre-fabricated building (the pre-fabricated building was previously the old highway patrol building on 31st & Memorial which was moved to the NFN property on 46th Street).

1993 - NFN starts a housing program to promote home ownership in North Tulsa

1994 - "Safe House" concept is developed. NFN assists and tutors children in the homes of community leaders. The "Safe House" project lasted for 6 years before being turned over to the community.

1995 - Dan Allen, NFN director and founder, dies.

1996 - NFN Clinic affiliates with the University of Oklahoma's Internal Medicine Clinic. The NFN Dental program adds a children's dental clinic.

1997 - NFN attempts a micro lending program which provides budding entrepreneurs vital information about business planning and responsibilities. Six AmeriCorps workers and four AmeriCorps VISTA workers are assigned to NFN to work with the Safe House & Housing Programs.

NFN starts the North Tulsa Youth Baseball League with its partners Young Life and Tulsa Urban League which is later adopted by the community.

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