Neighbor for Neighbor

The Second Ten Years

1981- 2nd Harvest Food Bank concept arrives in Tulsa and opens in a used pre-fab building that is brought to the NFN property.

1983- 2nd Harvest spins off to independent status and changes its name to the "Tulsa Community Food Bank". CBS produces a second documentary about NFN called "Look up & Live".

1984- NFN creates the Women's Project to give the poor a voice for equal wages. Mitch Miller conducts the Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra benefit for NFN called "Neighborly Night of Gershwin".

1986- Auto maintenance program, "Blue Cross for Autos", eats our lunch - and closes.

1987- Investigation and demand for the Tulsa Public Housing Authority to provide "safe, sanitary, wholesome atmosphere" in public housing projects. Results in the appointment of a new chairman of the Public Housing Authority, who redefines its operational goals.

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