Neighbor for Neighbor

The First 10 Years

1968 - Neighbor for Neighbor (NFN) incorporates as an Oklahoma non profit corporation. Father Dan is relieved of parish work and moves to "Rock" house next door to St. Judes at 1506 East 46th Street North. NFN opens a gasoline station, but it closes because of competition down the street.

1969 - An injunction is filed against NFN, Father Dan Allen and Maynard Ungerman for repairing vehicles on the church parking lot. NFN argues in court against the injunction on the basis that helping the poor is the purpose of a church. Maynard Ungerman was in court questioning "What is a living gospel?" Many witnesses testified on NFN's behalf including Catholic priests and representatives from the Protestant National Conference of Churches.

Dan strives for practical application of living gospel. There were three guys stealing NFN blind every night. Dan hid and watched. Never was an engine dropped so fast. Dan made a deal with them - for every three cars they broke down for NFN, they received the fourth car for free. Our first economic development project. Were they disappointed when we lost our court fight!

1970 - NFN initiates drive to force the City to furnish water and sewer service for poor communities such as Mohawk Heights, where NFN volunteers dug trenches and laid water and sewage lines for 48 families with money the volunteers raised.

1971 - NFN opens medical free clinic. NFN attempts a credit union which proves unfeasible for the long run because there is not enough money through that medium to help the neighborhood. NFN applies and receives 501(c)(3) tax status.

1972 - NFN starts its credit counseling program which is later incorporated by other entities. The NFN Medical Clinic begins offering medication assistance. NFN Dental Clinic opens. Board members work on school integration and develop the "Magnet School" concept.

1973 - CBS produced documentary describes NFN as the "most unique" program in the country.

During an interview with Dan, Troy Gordon of the Tulsa World, a well-dressed man introduces himself and stays an hour asking Dan questions. When he leaves Dan asks "Who was that?". Seems it was the famous Chicago columnist, Sidney Harris.

1974 - Start of "Give a Damn", a yearly fundraising drive by Church of the Resurrection to raise money to cover NFN's staff salaries. Give a Damn buttons were given out at church and some children were sent home from school for "wearing such a button". The local bank refused to open an account "with such a name". We've come a long way, baby!

1976 - Boston Avenue Methodist Church creates and staffs Monday Night Medical and Dental Clinics at NFN which have continued for 32 years.

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