Neighbor for Neighbor

Dan Allen-Founder

Daniel Richard Allen was assigned as pastor at St Jude's parish in Tulsa in 1966. Initially, he worked with 3 other Catholic churches to address the problems of social injustice and racial tensions in Tulsa. This team of Catholic churches worked with 24 area churches and congregations to respond to the poverty in Tulsa by providing food and other basic services.

From this effort a core group of 15 people including Dan Allen laid the foundation for a program focused on the injustices they found from a political perspective and the physical needs of the poor. His work with this group led to his founding of Neighbor for Neighbor as a private, nonprofit corporation in 1968.

Dan Allen lived the Word as he understood it and his work with the poor was a direct result of that understanding. The symbol in the Neighbor for Neighbor logo is a result of his beliefs. It represents the Eucharist and his interpretation of its meaning for "the many" as represented by the hungry and disadvantaged. Despite his strong religious ties, Dan resigned from the priesthood in 1973 to focus all of his attention on the work of Neighbor for Neighbor. He made being an advocate for the poor his life's work and continued serving in this manner until his death in November of 1995.

The organization under Dan's leadership made a significant difference in the lives of those on the north side of Tulsa. Legal Aid of Eastern Oklahoma, the Tulsa magnet school system, water and sewer services for poor communities such as Mohawk Heights, and the Tulsa Community Food Bank are all legacies of Neighbor for Neighbor's first 20 years under Dan Allen. Many of the projects of Neighbor for Neighbor involved helping the poor learn to become self-sufficient which was Dan's vision for the agency. Its innovative programs have served as a model to similar organizations and have brought both regional and national attention to Neighbor for Neighbor over the years.

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