The NFN DENTAL CLINIC provides a specialty program which stands as one of the few Free Dental Clinics in the State of Oklahoma. Appointments are booked through our phone lines and are constantly booked weeks in advance. We welcome and encourage you to call and leave your name, phone number, date of birth, and a short description of your dental emergency or need.

We are constantly striving to expand our services and provide additional appointment time for all of our clients.     Our services are provided by volunteer professionals who are dedicated to serving you after their normal hours.

Cleaning/Hygiene Program
Acute Care
Restoration - Fillings, Dentures
Exams and X-rays

Call to schedule a Dental Appointment:
Monday thru Thursday (918) 425-5595 Extension 122    Se habla Espanol - (918) 425-5595 Extension 159     Citas/mensajes/preguntas

Volunteers with professional experience who wish to donate time or goods, please call (918) 425-5595 Ext 122

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