The Community Projects emphasis is on education. It is based on a "hands on" approach to learning. The Community Projects programs vary from phonics classes to sewing. Helping or volunteering with these activities provides a means of repayment for Family Assistance clients who need additional help with groceries and other services. Helping leads to Learning which equals Potential Job Skills!

Community Projects Program
Every activity in this NFN program has an emphasis on education. Saying that it is based on a "hands on" approach to learning does not give this program full recognition. For example, learning to follow instruction is a vital asset. Some of the activities in this program include:
• Phonics Classes / Library
• Sewing Classes (tapestry, silks, burlap, cotton, etc.)
• Embroidering
• Refinishing /Painting furniture
• Separating & Categorizing

The NFN Art Clinic provides a place for clients, students, & volunteers to help with projects that will be sold as fundraisers at church bazaars, consignment shops and certain local stores. Some of the current projects include:
• Making Jewelry
• Molding Clay
• Making Ceramics
• Operating a kiln
• Mosaics
• Glass cutting / Making Wind Chimes
• Pillows / Aprons
• Greeting /Christmas Cards / Framing
• Cloth Shopping Bags (instead of plastic or paper bags)

"Start your own Library" Project
This project allows individuals to choose up to 10 free books per month in order to build their own home library. Books are donated from area churches and the Tulsa County Library. Having books in the home encourages reading skills that will benefit clients and their families in many ways.

For more information on Community Projects, please call Monday thru Thursday (918) 425-5578 Ext. 104.

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